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Do you need to raise money through different team fundraising campaigns? Then, you need to take some serious precaution when you're choosing the fundraiser ideas that you're going to use as this will either make or break you later on. When we talk about fundraiser ideas, these basically refer to the types of products and services that you're going to offer to your customers. In addition, this also refers to the process as to how you're going to offer these things to your customers. In other words, your key selling point.

team fundraising ideas

When you set out to meet your volunteers so that you can decide the set of fundraiser ideas that you're going to apply on your next team fundraising campaigns, you need to stick the words "unique", "fresh", and "different" in your head. These three words should be used as a strong basis when you're choosing fundraiser ideas. Fundraising has been around for a really, really long time already. Based on that fact alone, you will know that people have been using their fundraiser ideas over and over again within that very long period of time. As a result, people or supporters have also been dealing with the same products and services over and over again. Now, don't get me wrong. There's nothing wrong with using the same ideas if they're really promising in terms of revenue. What I'm trying to say is that you need to add some twists in what you do. Bring out something fresh so that you'll cash in well. Make things interesting.

The first unique fundraiser idea that you can try out is a dog wash. Sounds familiar right? That's because this idea came from a car wash, which is something really common in the fundraising world. Doing a dog wash doesn't take too much effort but this can help you raise a good amount of funds within a short period of time. To make this fundraiser work, you need to look for a good spot in your community where a lot of people usually take their dogs for a walk. Once you find a good venue, the next thing you need to do is to gather up your materials namely brushes, a water source, and dog shampoo. Aside from offering dog wash services, you can also try to sell out dog toys, dog food, and other dog-related stuff. You can use these items to boost your profit.

Next, try doing a business cleanup. Most of business establishments need to have their surrounding areas cleaned up. Good examples of such business establishments would be restaurants that might have trash lying around the edges of their parking lots. Aside from dealing with trash, some other business might want to have their signs cleaned up. These are some of the good services that you can offer in exchange for a good fee. The good thing about doing this type of fundraiser is that you can cater to each of your customers within in a short span of time yet earn big. If you have a good number of volunteers, you can cater to each of your customers within one hour and proceed to the next one.

team fundraising